It took a few major events in Marc’s life to lead him down the path of becoming a patient advocate for our Long Island communities. Marc was born with cerebral palsy. Certainly not a disadvantage, quite the opposite. His empathy, drive,  and core values helped him provide a deeper level of care  toward everyone he’s served. Having endured over twenty surgical procedures in his early years, gave Marc an insight into our medical system.  Marc’s understanding, compassion and caring for persons with disabilities comes from a place of empathy.  While it may restrict some of Marcs activities, it has not reduced, but rather enhanced his desire and determination to succeed.  Marc’s goal as a patient advocate is to enhance the quality of a patient’s healthcare and make the process of navigating the journey through the system easier.

Advocating for his Mom, extending this knowledge.   The true inspiration for my interest in patient advocacy was my mother.  In helping others navigate the healthcare system, I honor her memory. In December, 2015, my mother  developed a glioblastoma (GBM) Grade 4, the worst kind of brain cancer, which is usually terminal within 18 months.  Once his mother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, Marc knew it was his mission to help serve and advocate for so many needing his assistance. As a skilled management professional, Marc has begun On the Marc Patient Advocacy Services providing his clients with the supplies and services they need.   Furthermore, as a Patient Care Advocate, Marc will assist individual senior citizens and adults with disabilities to obtain all of the services needed for them to live independently in the comfort of their own home.   Marc aims to provide good help to ensure good health.