Life is Smoother With A Patient Advocate By Your Side

It’s been Marc’s mission to support individuals needing expert guidance to live independently in the comfort of their own homes. He helps them not only manage their own health care concerns, helps them learn to be more productive and independent. 

The Patient Advocacy Role

Marc helps guide the patient through the healthcare system. 

What Is a Patient Advocate and Why Do You Need One? | Healing Tips

This includes going through the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and followup of a medical condition. He helps patients communicate with their healthcare providers so they get the information they need to make decisions about their care. He helps set up appointments for doctor visits, medical tests, and gets financial, legal, and the social support needed.

Marc will also work with insurance companies, employers, case managers, lawyers, and others who may have an effect on a patient’s healthcare needs. 

He’s often called a patient navigator.

Coordinating Appointments
Provide services to both senior citizens and adults with disabilities by providing support and assists patients in communicating  with their providers and providing them with necessary information to make their own decisions regarding their medical care.
Billing and Claims
Help reconcile and review any billing and claim issues with HMOS and managed care organizations.
Medical Supplies / Home Health Services
Assist individual senior citizens and adults with disabilities obtain all of the necessary medical products and home health services needed for them to live independently at home.


Marc Berlin was a definite asset when it came to spending time with my husband John who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease while at the same time providing respite and relief for myself. Marc was able to engage John with articles From the newspaper and On other topics like sports and science and  different card games. It was a definite relief and beneficial to have Marc be involved and it gave me peace of mind. He provided personal caring attention and I would highly recommend Marc for anyone in need wanting to remain safe at home.
Mary Jo Monaco
Marc delivered great service and was a  tremendous asset  when I had to go to an appointment and needed  a ride  for a test and I wanted someone reliable to be there in case something went wrong.  He ensured the test results would be sent to my primary care physician and he followed up  when needed.  I would highly recommend Marc and his advocacy service to anyone needing guidance  within health care and who needs someone providing personal caring attention."
Robert G.

"I  wanted to inform you of an exceptional young man, who provided exceptional service to my 85 year old mother – Marc S. Berlin.  My mother has been residing in a nursing and rehabilitation community since the outbreak of Covid.  It has been frustrating and difficult to continually follow up on processes and services without assistance from outside sources.

Marc was able to help and delivery great service, for my mother.  He proved to be a tremendous asset going above and beyond to help assist with checking in routinely and rides, when necessary.  He is reliable and dependable, and can be there on a moment's notice, when someone or something is not available. I highly recommend Marc S. Berlin – On The Marc Patient Advocacy.  Thank you Marc."

David R